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Jesus this girl’s got a hunger on her. Catching up for lost time maybe. Monica Bollocksy was in a crap marriage till she was 36 (she’s 42 now) then pretty quickly found hubby no.2 who turned out to be a kinky bastard. They’ve been swinging ever since and she’s just started doing porn.
But maybe it’s not just lost time. Check her out in the fuck scene when she’s gyrating even when I haven’t got my dick in her. A couple of times I actually tell her to stop humping and stay still. Imagine having that kind of sex drive and being able to do fuck all about it. That was Monica up until six years ago.
In her interview she admits to being a pretty furious wanker during that first marriage, and it’s hot. Andy asks her to think of the guy she had the biggest crush on. What kinds of things did she imagine doing with him? It’s sub fantasies all the way – being ordered around, tied up, spanked hard to the point that it’s painful to sit down. And she never actually fucked him in real life, just frigged her cunt silly for a couple of years dreaming away. Bit like the wank she had thinking about what she wanted me to do to her the day before we shot the scene (only this time she got the cock!). She popped one out first thing in the morning while Hubby was still asleep next to her...


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